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"Thank you for everything" 


"Isabella you are different to other tarot readers I’ve been to ask questions, but you always just pull a card out and suddenly you know all about my life. The connection you build over FaceTime is mental, and you have a very infectious personality. You have this energy where people just instantly fall in love with you, you radiate nothing but goodness. You helped me SO much omg. It has to be when I texted you last minute asking if you have any last minute slots that evening last summer, as I was all over the place and didn’t know what to do.

I told you roughly what direction I was thinking to go, but I needed some clarity and guidance on the situation. You helped me get a clearer picture and predicted that me and the guy I was asking about would end up together romantically later on in the months….and you were right. You helped me realize that I was doing the right thing to back away and more time was needed to heal. I’m so glad I called you that day, because even though I didn’t expect us to end up together in the end, you just gave me such beautiful advice and everything that’s happened is so unexpected, but I have never been this happy with someone ever.


Thank you for everything and I cannot wait for more readings with you this year. "

"Spot On!"

Millie B

"Her prediction came true! I had a reading with Isabella back in January and she told me that a friend of mine is going to get pregnant this year... my friend spilled the news last week that she is pregnant!! Unbelievable. I've already booked a face to face reading with her and I cannot wait!! The real deal.


Thank you for everything and I cannot wait for more readings with you this year. "

"Great Reading"

Maria H

"Amazing reading. Extremely accurate and reassuring. Isabella came to my home and read the Tarot for me and I felt better after the reading. Would highly recommend to anyone. A must have for anyone that is seeking guidance and reassurance. Fantastic."

"Reading With Isabella"

Dana G

"Isabella is very compassionate, kind and has a sweet nature when working with the Tarot. She tells you what she sees, and helps you to reframe any messages so there is a positive and uplifting quality. She comes across as sincere, and genuinely wants you to thrive. I haven't given her 5 stars because some of the predictions need time to manifest, but otherwise, I recommend her."

"Cannot Recommend Highly Enough"

Jenny G

"What a lovely lady to talk to, and so much insight into the cards and situation at hand. I cannot recommend highly enough."


Sue K

"Amazing accuracy, amazing lady, kind and caring. Brought up things only I would know. A genuine lovely person."

"100% Would Recommend Tarot by the Sea!"

Elouise A

"My Boyfriend booked a couples reading for yesterday and we managed to meet outside face to face. We can definitely say we left with goose bumps, the accuracy of this reading was amazing, brought up things we had discussed even on the way to go to the reading. She clarified things we had thought about doing. We would thoroughly recommend booking and you definitely will not be disappointed. She was absolutely lovely and easy to talk to as well. We will definitely be going back at some point!"

"Keep Going Back"

Millie B

"Can't get enough of Isabella. She is beyond amazing. She gave me two predictions in January and they have both come true! I contacted her a month back needing advice, and her prediction yet again came true! Can't express how accurate she is. She gives you the most wonderful advice, and I know no matter what or where she is, she is always going to be there for me. Her sense of humour is great as well, she has this amazing energy that instantly puts a smile on my face and we always have so many laughs. Love you Isabella. Thank you for all that you do."

"Couples Reading - Via Facetime"

Cara G

"Had a lovely couples reading review this evening via Facetime. Isabella was so lovely and reassuring and certainly helped guide us. Thank you so much."

"Predicted the most significant event of my life"

Kate P

"I had never been a 'believer' of psychic readings but found myself in a difficult place last summer after the breakdown of a relationship and felt like I needed some guidance on my future so grasping at straws I contacted Isabella following a Google search. As we were in the midst of a pandemic this was a phone consultation so I put my headphones on and the sceptic that I am made notes of the call to look back on. Isabella said that heart surgery would affect my life, but it wasn't me, it would just affect me deeply, the person was male. At the time I thought possibly my Dad or an uncle. Fast forward ten days and I took my 5-year-old son to the local children's hospital, because he was a bit poorly and a heart murmur was detected as an 'incidental find'. A week later, a paediatric cardiologist was sent to Brighton and my son was diagnosed with congenital heart disease. He subsequently had open heart surgery in March. He's doing great now but am still blown away that this came up in a reading."

"Excellent Tarot Reading Service, Thank You"

Dawn D

"I'm truly blown away by Isabella's accuracy as well as her tactful delivery of what I needed to do in my life moving forward. She knew exactly what needed to change with regard to my ongoing health issues, family life and my well-being. Isabella described deep rooted feelings and pain I had still been holding onto and was able to coach me in how to overcome these feelings. I now feel so inspired by my Tarot reading that I have a new lease on life and a positive outlook. I would highly recommend Tarot By The Sea to anyone looking for clarity in their personal circumstance. Thank you so much for the guidance and direction."

"Amazing Tarot Reading by Tarot by the Sea"

Paula P

"Isabella was exactly correct describing our house move (which was in the future not yet found) she described the little village with a green and woods nearby. The description of the house hidden with a high front hedge and a porthole window opposite with stain glass of the sea is so amazingly exact to her description. We will return for further Tarot readings. Thank you."

"Wonderfully Accurate Tarot Readings!"

Vanessa B

"Isabella has a wonderful energy about her. She is so warm and puts you at ease immediately. I have had two readings with Isabella. The first was shockingly accurate and she predicted exactly what would happen with regard to my love life. I have just had my second reading and Isabella was able to read exactly how I had been feeling recently. I left feeling uplifted and I have a lot more clarity about my current situation. She deduced things about a particular person which she couldn't otherwise have known and I look forward to seeing how things play out going forward. I couldn't recommend her more and will definitely continue to see her for more Tarot readings in the future."

"I booked Isabella for my husbands birthday party"

Sue - David Essex's Wife

"The theme was based around his life experience. I booked an Irish folk band, and to top it off a beautiful Gypsy caravan where Isabella read the cards. She was originally booked for one hour as I wasn't sure how the guests would react to it. I needn't have worried as she was amazing. Guests were queuing up to have a reading. A one-hour booking turned into four hours and would have lasted longer if we'd had more time, Isabella's stamina was impressive and I heard great feed back about her readings. Thank you Isabella, you made the party, and you dressed the part of a traditional fortune telling Gypsy!"

"10/10 for this amazing lady"

Natasha P

"I’ve had a few readings before and this was by far the best one. She’s such an honest kind woman and I felt so comfortable throughout the reading. My session ran out of time, but she had no issues in continuing, I felt she genuinely cared. Thank you so much for an insightful session."

"Isabella ... a genuine psychic"


"I have had three readings with Isabella over a few years and all have been very accurate and insightful. The first reading was face to face, the second was a telephone reading and the third was a zoom reading. I was amazed how accurate the telephone and zoom readings were as I always thought with tarot/psychic readings that you had to be sitting opposite the reader. This is very convenient if you can't make it to Hove. I aways had the one hour option because you always think of extra questions to ask as the session progresses.
I would definitely recommend Isabella and look forward to future readings. She is a genuine psychic and is incredibly helpful if you have problems and worries or important decisions to make."

"Personable tarot reader with a genuine talent"


"From the moment I met Isabella I felt relaxed and at ease, she has an aura which is very down to earth and personable as you would expect from a genuine and spiritual clairvoyant. I wasn't sure how this would pan out to be honest, I didn't give anything away initially for my reason for coming but she picked up on things almost immediately and there were too many cards and situations that she explained to me for it to be a coincidence, my cards kept coming up with the same insights and meanings and my reading become like a story with her telling me things that she couldn't know through any other means, I locked my facebook in advance and my Linkedin just in case! I can't recommend her enough and will continue to do so. I am sure I will revisit again in 6 months to reevaluate my path again. Thank you Isabella x"

"Great 10/10"


"Me and a friend have recently had a reading done. It was both of our first time & honestly could not be any more satisfied with my experience. Really easy going person which really helped me make the most out of my session. She took her time to explain through everything clearly. I left the session with a massive insight into my life. Highly recommend Isabella’s services. I felt very welcomed and comfortable through out. Was a great experience and will definitely be booking sessions every few months. We specially travelled from London to Brighton & it was definitely worth the journey. She also went out of her way & spent her own time after both readings to answer any extra questions we had thoroughly. I personally had a great experience & if I had more time I would’ve loved to extend the session to an hour. Very easy to speak with & patient which helped me make the most out of it. Left with a lot more insight about life. Never written a review before & this definitely deserves one!"

"Spot On"


"I've seen Isabella several times now. On both occasions she had a vision of a specific change coming that I didnt believe as seeming so out of keeling with my reality at the time. Yet on both times, both things came to fruition. Isabella is a warm genuine person who really cares."

"A needed reading!"


"I appreciate you Isabella for your intuitive and calm energy throughout our readings! Thank you for your guidance and insight and as always will always recommend to friends and family!"

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