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About Isabella


Isabella Rosetta, is a worldwide tarot consultant, she has been reading the cards now ‘professionally’  for twelve years and reading and studying the cards for over thirty years, as a result she has a wealth of knowledge and understanding of Tarot. Over the years her clients have described Isabella as a spiritual councillor. 


Her clients from all over the world and from all walks of life and is natural psychic, she enhanced her gifts by attending psychic development circles and attending ‘spiritual churches’ as well as attending ‘The London college of psychic studies’.


Isabella’s wish is to inspire, guide and empower her clients, with her clear, channeled messages, downloaded from spirit.  Her readings, are motivational, she will give you direction and information that can assist you to develop and transform. Her readings can give you tools to help you to cope with challenges, upheaval and change, giving you fresh inspiration and guidance, clients come to Isabella for many different reasons. Some wanting clarity about relationships, others are curious to know about their love lives and what to expect.


Some are seeking guidance on whether or not to relocate home, or change in career. Others are experiencing financial difficulties, or they want to know how to improve their business, what job to take, whether to continue studying or not. Isabella has experience in guiding her clients with marriage and relationship breakdowns. Whatever the reason for seeking her help, all are seeking direction in how to proceed with the problem confronting them. 


Isabella’s readings often reveal issues that her clients have been unable to see. She will enlighten you and give you the tools to move forward positively with your life. She is direct in her approach to her reading style, but equally she is empathic. She is able to motivate and inspire her clients to make positive changes to their lives, and if seeking direction and motivation they have come to the right place.


Isabella provides readings via telephone and video, which are just as good as face to face, if not better, because Isabella can really tune in without any distractions and if your in crisis, you can make a last minute appointment on the day. Face to face readings are also available but must be booked up in advance. Couples readings can also be done via phone and video, once again face to face readings must be booked up in advance, but last minute virtual readings can be made on the day.

Isabella also can be booked for all types of party and events.


She is exceptionally gifted and loves helping her clients.

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