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About Isabella


I would describe myself as a spiritual counsellor life coach. My style is direct, in-depth, and motivational. My readings will inspire and empower you to make positive changes in your life.


My cards can show patterns of behavior that have been holding you back. My readings can assist you to recognise the patterns and assist in you to make positive lifestyle choices that can transform your life.


I use my vast knowledge of the cards, and tune into the cosmos with downloads from my team of spirit guides. Before all readings I open up my chakras and go into deep meditation, tuning into my clairvoyance; clairsentience; clairaudience and intuition. I am an empath and reiki healer. My spirit guides assist me as I channel messages, to bring you guidance, clarity, understanding, wisdom and assistance. Clients say my readings are life changing, empowering, motivating and sometimes entertaining. Try it out  for yourself and you will see that I am the real deal.

I use many different decks of both Tarot and Oracle cards. My great, great grandmother Rosetta, was a Roma Gypsie and so fortune telling is in my blood, I also read tea leaves this form of divination is known as Tasseography.


I have attended psychic circles with renowned psychic, medium Lucy setters and also the London college of psychic studies in London. I have been studying tarot for over twenty years, I am passionate about what I do, my aim is to assist and help you.



My readings will inspire you to make positive changes to your life. And with my vast knowledge of tarot I will give you solutions to help you, navigate relationship problems, financial issues, and much much more. My readings can help you transform, motivate and illuminate.


I offer you solutions and hope for the future whilst giving you support and encouragement to see the bigger picture, giving you a different perspective on life.


I want to help you to heal, grow and transform, showing you alternative options and vistas to your life, giving you clarity and understanding on life matters and concerns. We will look at your past, present and possible futures. You will be amazed by how much the cards reveal, sometimes confirming your own thoughts and at other times giving you more depth and understanding about situations that you are confused by, my readings will help you to realise your potential and give you a different perspective on life. You may ask questions of my cards from relationship issues, marriage, love life, pregnancy, business, work and all manner of things, or simply have a general reading.


I truly love what I do and it gives me the greatest pleasure in assisting and being of service to my clients. I strongly believe that my work is my calling. I am here at this strange time to read my cards for my clients and my aim and mission is to help you to improve and understand yourself and your life.


 My team of spirit guides channel through me to assist me in the messages that I give to you. My readings are all unique and no one reading is the same. Sometimes spirit will be present and they will communicate with me, I can not always guarantee this; but it does happen and when it does it can sometimes be possible for me to channel them and bring you messages from loved ones on the other side.


I feel truly blessed and immensely grateful to share my gifts with you. I can teach you about the law of attraction and other skills to enhance your life for the better. My readings can forewarn you of possible events in the future and understanding of events from your past.


 I’ve read my cards for every level of society including the stars. And have appeared on television, newspapers and radio. You can find me on Instagram, Facebook, Yell, Twitter and Youtube.


We are spirits experiencing life in human form. I feel it is my mission to help my clients, to grow, develop, transform and grow, thus becoming more empowered and enlightened, balanced and inspired.


If you have any questions regarding my readings please don’t hesitate to ask


As seen on BBC south news

Belgium TV

Talk Radio Johnathan Hynde

Brighton Argos

Peter James Book launch

My clients include David Essex, Peter James and the radio DJ Johnathan Hind.


I am available for telephone, whattsapp, zoom, facetime readings as well as in person readings and all types of party and events within current guidelines. For this reason I am offering zoom readings as well for parties and events, as well in person.

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