About Isabella

Isabella has studied the tarot cards for more than thirty years and has been reading the cards professionally for fifteen. She has a wealth of knowledge of The Tarot, she is an empath, her clients describe her as a spiritual councillor. She is passionate about The Tarot cards and equally passionate about assisting you with her guidance and insight.

Isabella has clients from all over the world and from all walks of life. A natural psychic, she enhanced her gifts by attending workshops and development circles at the London college of psychic studies.


Isabella recently appeared on Channel 4 Married at first sight series six, Isabella made predictions for Josh and Amy, she also appeared on CNN Europe with Anna Stewart, making financial predictions for 2022. 


Her mission is to inspire, guide and empower you to make decisions for your future life. By giving you direction and motivational tools, she will guide you to develop and transform, assisting you to deal with challenges, upheaval and change, giving you new inspiration to heal, develop and find your goals in life.

Her clients come to her for many different reasons. Some wanting clarity in a relationship or how to save it. Others are curious to know of possible future relationships. Some are seeking guidance on whether to move home; maybe they have troublesome neighbours. Others are experiencing financial difficulties, or they want to know how to improve their business, what job to take, whether to continue studying or not, or they could be experiencing a family feud or relationship breakdown. Whatever the reason for seeking help, all are seeking direction in how to proceed with the problem confronting them.

Isabella’s readings often reveal issues that her clients have been unable to see. She will enlighten you and give you the tools to move forward positively with your life. She is direct in her approach to her reading style, but equally she is an empath. She is able to motivate her clients to make positive changes to their lives, and if seeking direction and motivation they will be rewarded.

Isabella provides one to one sessions, couples readings, by phone and by video. She is also available to read at parties and functions.

She is exceptionally gifted and loves helping her clients

My Spiritual Journey

A naturally gifted psychic, I enhanced my gifts over the years, attending many psychic circles and the london college of psychic studies and have studied the cards throughout my life.

My readings will reveal your situations and feelings that you may have been unaware of. I intend to give you peace of mind, by showing you possible soul pathways as well as giving you reassurance direction and clarification.

My readings are honest, confidential, motivational, empathic, compassionate and caring. I want you to feel confident, inspired, and empowered.

I also offer Reiki healing and long distance Reiki healing.