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Isabella Rosetta, is a worldwide tarot consultant, she has been reading the cards now ‘professionally’ for twelve years and reading and studying the cards for over thirty years, as a result she has a wealth of knowledge and understanding of Tarot. Over the years her clients have described Isabella as a spiritual councillor. She is as passionate about Tarot as she is passionate about helping her clients.

Readings & Services

Telephone Readings

What to Expect:
During a session, I shuffle my cards and connect with my spirit guides to channel messages. You can ask questions, though it’s not necessary. My goal is to provide clarity, guidance, and a deeper understanding of your situation.


Video Readings

During this session, I connect with my spirit guides to channel messages. Similar to that of a phone call with the face to face feel. You can ask questions. My goal is to provide clarity, guidance, and a deeper understanding of your situation.


Face-to-face Readings

Face-to-face readings allow my clients to get the full experience. I describe what I am feeling, seeing and sensing whilst shuffling the cards in front of you. You can read more about my Tarot services by following the link below.


Themed Parties & Events

A unique and sensational way to entertain your guests, for any type of party or event, book launches, baby showers, birthday parties, Hen parties in your home, night clubs, corporate events.  If themed I’d be delighted to dress the part.

The perfect reader
Isabella blew me away with the accuracy of her reading. I was apprehensive at first about doing a remote reading but she picked up on my energy as soon she saw me on video. She got my star sign and my boyfriends star sign right. I have been drawn to Egypt for a while and am currently reading a book on pharaohs but there’s no way she could’ve known that. She mentioned this and it gave me goosebumps- I showed her the book on my nightstand and she was equally surprised which was extremely heartwarming. She has made a few predictions and I’ll definitely come back with an update soon. Her warmth and genuine interest in helping me out is what makes her stand out as a reader. She is gifted and she uses this gift for the benefit of others. I would never hesitate to book a reading with her again.

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