Isabella Tarot Reader Brighton

Hello and welcome I'm a psychic, intuitive tarot reader and spiritual life coach. I have a deep understanding of the tarot cards, with over 30 years experience. I have been fascinated by the cards ever since I was very young, I am as passionate about helping you as I am about my cards. It is my calling to assist you with my gifts and knowledge.


"Thank you for everything" 


"Isabella you are different to other tarot readers I’ve been to ask questions, but you always just pull a card out and suddenly you know all about my life. The connection you build over FaceTime is mental, and you have a very infectious personality. You have this energy where people just instantly fall in love with you, you radiate nothing but goodness. You helped me SO much omg. It has to be when I texted you last minute asking if you have any last minute slots that evening last summer, as I was all over the place and didn’t know what to do.

I told you roughly what direction I was thinking to go, but I needed some clarity and guidance on the situation. You helped me get a clearer picture and predicted that me and the guy I was asking about would end up together romantically later on in the months….and you were right. You helped me realize that I was doing the right thing to back away and more time was needed to heal. I’m so glad I called you that day, because even though I didn’t expect us to end up together in the end, you just gave me such beautiful advice and everything that’s happened is so unexpected, but I have never been this happy with someone ever.


Thank you for everything and I cannot wait for more readings with you this year. "




​​In Person Readings

In person readings allow my clients to get the full experience. I describe what I am feeling, seeing and sensing whilst shuffling the cards in front of you. You can read more about my Tarot services by following the link below.


Readings By Telephone​​

One hour in depth guidance via telephone, Whatsapp, Facetime or video. Safe and Convenient.

The great benefit being that you can remain anonymous and be anywhere in the world. Payments are required before all readings.


Themed Parties & Events

A unique and sensational way to entertain your guests, for any type of party or event, book launches, baby showers, birthday parties, Hen parties in your home, night clubs, corporate events.  If themed I’d be delighted to dress the part.




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