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Hello and Welcome 



My name is Isabella Rosetta, I am a Tarot reader and Reiki healer.


When I  was still a teenager, my mother gave me my first set of tarot cards, my mother also read the cards. I was born in London and raised in the cosmopolitan district of Ladbroke Grove.I travelled extensively in my twenties, India, Thailand, Canada and Australia. I developed my  spirituality in India by living on Ashrams and practiced meditation and yoga. As well as loving all things Tarot, I also love photography and film and I studied film at the ‘London college of printing’  and I have a degree in film. I also studied counseling and I am a certified Reiki master.


For over twenty years I studied a the Tarot as well as reading  for friends and family. One day chance my life changed  when I had the fortune to meet a renowned Psychic, Medium ‘Lucy Setters’ she invited me to join her psychic circle, there during the course of two years, I attended weekly and developed my gifts. My clairvoyants and psychic ability was magnified.

Before all tarot sessions, Isabella meditates and opens up her chakras as well as connecting with spirit. She truly is grateful to be of service. Please take a look at some of her reviews.


Love and Light


Isabella Rosetta x

Reading & Services
Old Phone Isolated

Telephone & Video Readings

One hour in depth guidance via telephone, Whatsapp, Facetime or video. Safe and Convenient. Last minute bookings can be made on the day. 

The great benefit being that you can remain anonymous and be anywhere in the world. Payments are required before all readings.


Face-to-face Readings

Face-to-face readings allow my clients to get the full experience. I describe what I am feeling, seeing and sensing whilst shuffling the cards in front of you. You can read more about my Tarot services by following the link below.


Themed Parties & Events

A unique and sensational way to entertain your guests, for any type of party or event, book launches, baby showers, birthday parties, Hen parties in your home, night clubs, corporate events.  If themed I’d be delighted to dress the part.

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